And these are my happy projects

Doctora Salvador website

Doctora Salvador

Plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Plastic surgeon, business woman, charismatic, enthusiastic and strong personality. My most significant project which includes several websites: development, maintenance, SEO etc.

My Yacht Agents website

My Yacht Agents

All-round yacht services

Want to buy, rent or maintain a yacht? These captains will get you the best deal on the market. Barcelona / Costa Brava / Costa Dorada / Balearic Islands.


...and these...

Online booking system

Web app, in collaboration with Josep. Includes: online reservation form with fields validation, tel.number checker, calendar, etc; admin interface with possibility to disable certain date/time, small CRM. Initially developed for a restaurant, can be adapted to almost any business involving online bookings/reservations.
It's for sale! Contact me and we'll provide you a demo.

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Photographer Diana R

Photographer, economist and highly creative and intelligent mate. From her I learned to get in to the "work flow". When making photo sessions, she concentrates so much and it's a pleasure to observe her working.
Great finesse, great patience, great attention.
Great friend!

See Diana's works  

Dental Deluxe Clinic

Best dental clinic in the world. Seriously.
No typical "dental office smell", no waiting in nervous atmosphere...
Just smiles, friendliness and professional perfectionism :)
Happy to have them as client.

The Best Dental Clinic  

...and some more

Some relevant facts

  • I am a big animal and planet lover. Please, be kind to them.
  • I enjoy speaking english, russian, german, spanish and catalan.
  • Wordpress, CSS, JS, HTML, PHP (7.+ is OK), React.js
  • Being happy over being right.
  • SPA is Single Page Application.
  • Talent does not exist. Passion, patience and perseverance do.
  • Learn --> create --> get stuck --> figure out --> solve --> improve --> polish.
  • No politics, no religion, no dogmas. Just opinions and suggestions.
  • hola(at) / 684.032.209 WhatsApp
  • HR managers please never contact me.